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My books are set in Tudor England and its neighbours during the reign of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. They are political thrillers containing fast-paced action and intrigue. Elizabeth may only be "queen of half an island" but she and her cousin Mary will shape events that change the course of world history for ever.

In those precarious times death often struck unexpectedly, through violence, injury or disease. Elizabethans lived, thought and acted for today. They took their pleasures when they could, despite (or perhaps even because of) the church's dire warnings. Tomorrow could take care of itself.

My main character, Thomas Scrope, a younger brother of Baron Scrope, has no land, or title of his own. As such, he must make his own way in life. Often treated as a pawn in the bigger game, he is, sometimes deliberately, sometimes by accident, the pivot of world events. Navigating his own path through the murky, and often hazardous waters of religious strife, war, politics and espionage, he struggles to remain his own man.

Pop onto my book page to view and buy 'Minion' and for a taster of the sequel, 'Serpentine'. To write an historical novel requires an enormous amount of accurate research and I find out much more than I can ever incorporate into my work. As I discover the juicier gossip of the times, I will be adding book reviews, articles, and snippets of unusual and interesting historical fact, so please be a regular visitor.

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Minion - A Thomas Scrope Novel
Serpentine - A Thomas Scrope Novel